7 fashion blogs to follow

Fashion blogs have come a long way in the last decade. I have rounded up 7 of the top blogs that you need to start following right now and to get the style inspiration to look your best.



Tala Samman, was born in Chicago to Syrian parents and grew up in Dubai. She is proud to be UAE’s first fashion blogger from the heart of the world’s newest fashion mecca. She graduated from the London College of Fashion and her passion for fashion, food, beauty, and travel lead her to create her award winning site: MyFash Diary.

MyfashDiary.com celebrates what Tala loves about the world of fashion and she only blogs about things she genuinely loves. If her daring fashion style and collaborations with top brands such as Net-a-Porter, ASOS and Tom Ford aren’t enough of a reason to check out her fashion blog, then you don’t love fashion and life!

2- Hello Fashion


Christine Andrew was born in Bogota, Columbia and to American and Columbian parents. Her love of fashion inspired her to start this blog in 2011, to share her favorite sales buys and fashion tips. Now it covers so much more than fashion such as family, beauty and home decor tips.

Besides being a top fashion blogger, she has her own clothing line called ILY COUTURE. She believes that fashion links all aspects of our lives and makes life’s journey more beautiful along the way. Visit the blog hellofashionblog.com

3- Kyrzayda


Kyrzayda Rodriguez is a lifestyle blogger who has made her blog, her full-time job. You can’t help but love her passion for style and flare for creating beautiful content for us to enjoy. Each article, blog and picture reflects her love for fashion.

Her blog covers topics such as fitness, beauty, lifestyle, travel and an OOTD (Outfit of the day) section that will have you feeling inspired to fix up your daily wardrobe. Visit the blog kyrzayda.com

4- Atlantic // Pacific

blog atlantic pacific

Blair admits that Atlantic / Pacific all started as a hobby and conversational piece about how street style was shaping the fashion trends. She has a unique perspective on the fashion industry as a style influencer and merchandiser and loves how top brands are becoming more real by connecting the world.

She has worked with some of the best fashion designers and companies in the world, such as CoverGirl. Gucci, Tony Burch and Omega. Her blog is full of feminine styles that have a hint of quirkiness and a large dose of timeless beauty. Visit the blog the-atlantic-pacific.com

5- Harper & Harley

harper harley

Sara Crampton, is a one of Australia’s fashion blogging pioneers with more than a decade of blogging and social media experience. She carved her way into the niche of “less is more” philosophy in the fashion world. Her blog inspires minimalism and creates simple wardrobe solutions. Her blog covers aspects of fashion including: beauty, health and fitness, shopping, travel, lifestyle and the runway. Visit the blog harperandharley.com

6- One dapper Street

onedapperstreet fashion blog

Marcel Floruss created his blog with one purpose, and one purpose only: to share his passion and fascination for fashion with the world. Marcel is originally from Germany but his love for style, brought him to the fashion headquarters of the world, New York City.

While going to fashion school, modeling on the side and drinking in the endless shopping and photography opportunities that only New York has to offer, somewhere along the line, onedapperstreet.com was created. Offering a variety of dapper combinations to edgy street wear, plus a daily outfit inspiration.

7- GabiFresh

blog gabifresh

Gabi takes fashion blogs to a whole new level and we are in love. Finally a fashion blog that breaks down typical fashion stereotypes and is made to inspire a normal sized woman who loves her body and fashion, but fashion doesn’t love her!

Her sole desire is that you stop dressing according to your body type and start taking risks and have fun with clothing, despite your size. She wants to help you stop being told what to wear and inspire you to follow the trend you love. Visite the blog gabifresh.com

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