How to choose the best summer trends for YOUR body type

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Summer fashion is tricky business when it comes to choosing the perfect style and fit for your body because you can’t hide under a mountain of layers and sweaters.

Not every style or ensembles flatters every frame and honestly, who of us have time to try on all of this year’s top trends to find out which ones will suit your body.

We have elevated this season’s top essentials that are actually worth a second glance and leave you felling like they were designed just for your body.

Just consider this your cheat sheet for what-to-wear this summer and you might be surprised that you already have some of this year’s summer trends hiding in the back of your closet.

Large bust

If you stacked, then look for a form-fitting dress with a clinched waist to help create definition and show off your ample bust. Dresses that drapes and twists fabric around your abdomen will flatter your body, without drawing too much attention to your heavy chest.

Look for tops and dresses with either a V-Neck or a high scoop neck, which will elongate your figure making your bust look smaller and your waistline look slimmer and firmer.

Tomboyish figure

This boyish figure is defined by having the measurements of shoulders, waist and hips, which means that envied slouchy boyfriend jean style will look prefect on your body.

You can style this casual trend with just about anything such as dress it up by rolling up the hemline to show of your strappy heels and cute little ruffed tank. Or if you are spending the day at the park with friends and family, combine it with a pair of white high tops and statement tank top.

Short torso

The summer tiered dress – actually this style looks great on every body type but especially on those with a short torso and long legs. Strategically placed ruffles serve more than looking utterly cute and flirtatious, they also help to add dimension and help to lengthen your torso.

The tiered dress can come with long or short ruffles depending on your preferences. You can wear as a dress or as long flowing blouse over a pair of leggings for a more relaxed look.


There is no doubt that this summer’s biggest trend is a jumpsuit. Even though jumpsuits look great on just about everyone, they look fantastic on an hourglass figure.

We promise you that this one-piece ensemble will become you favorite go-to piece in your closet. Look for styles that come with an adjustable waistline, so you can show off your to die-for figure.

Flat chested

Got a small bust? Then you can pull off this snazzy new trend called the cropped-in crop; it is like crop tops except that it is more tailored fit to hug your body under your chest, making you look slimmer and taller (plus a little more busty).

Look for styles that have cutouts and if you dare – go braless just because you can!

Pear shaped

Gaucho pants are made for pear-shaped ladies because they flatter the wider hips and rounded booty. You will love the extra room in these pants, as they won’t cling to you with every movement.

Look for high-waist style, which will draw attention to your tiny waistline and flatter your every curve. Combine with a slimmer-fitting top to offset the open-legged style of the gaucho pants.

Apple shaped

Since you tend to carry most of your extra weight around your midsection of your body then you need a boxy T-shirt dress as your main summer essential this year.

Choose styles that come with all-over the place designs to conceal your tummy section. Look for cuts that hit mid-thigh so you can show off your legs. Wear with or without leggings, since it is summer!

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