Best Valentine’s Days Deals and Ideas for 2021

valentine's day specials

No matter if you have been together for a few months or a couple of decades, it’s a well-known fact that finding the best Valentine’s Day deals and ideas is no easy feat. We’d go as far as to say that it is more stressful than planning your first day together. If V-Day is stressful during normal times, even more so now during the current coronavirus pandemic.

There is good news, though. Despite the fact that things may not look or feel the same as last year, there are still loads of ways to make Valentine’s Days extra special for your partner. Many retailers are already offering Valentine’s deals to ensure delivery before February 14 because V-Day would not be the same without a gift that says “I Love you.”

Plus, there are loads of creative ideas that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home or while maintaining safe social distancing. For example, instead of that traditional fancy-schmancy dinner, take a virtual cooking class together or treat her to breakfast in bed. Or perhaps, take a virtual dancing class or painting class online. Even if you are on a low-budget, there are plenty of ideas to surprise your sweetheart this V-Day such as a scenic hike, mind-blowing at-home massage or a competitive game night.

Make Chocolate Fondue

What is more romantic than making your sweetheart chocolate-covered strawberries at home with your own hot melted fondue?


Watch a Valentine’s Day Movie

Pop up some popcorn, open up a bottle of wine, light some mood-setting candles and watch a classic Valentine’s Day movie together while snuggling up on the couch. Make the moment extra special with one of the many Valentine’s Days specials on UGG fuzzy blankets.


Plan an Evening of At-Home Trivia

Studies show that working as a team strengthens the bond between people and releases a chemical called oxytocin which is also produced during an orgasm. Be sure to land yourself a discount with this year’s Valentine’s deals on trivia games.


Enjoy the Great Outdoors

If the weather allows, take a mini adventure in the backyard of your neighborhood or city. Discover hidden gems on a stroll through the park or take a hike, nearby. An added bonus is physical activity produces endorphins. Spoil your sweetheart by getting her a pair of leggings for your outing


Visit a Local Brewery

If allowed in your locality, spend the day sampling a selection of local artisan beers at nearby brewers. Or instead, hit your local grocery store and assemble your flights at home. Be sure to check Craftshack’s Valentine’s Day specials with the promo code: Happyhour


Breakfast in Bed

Surprise your Valentine with breakfast in bed this year. Think: heart-shaped waffles or pancakes, frosted doughnuts, cranberry streusel mini-muffins, cheesy omelette and just about anything you can imagine. Plus, how could we forget, mimosas.


Visit a Rock-Climbing Gym

Activities such as rock climbing doesn’t only release endorphins but also promotes teamworking skills and teaches couples to trust each other. Instead of lingerie, get your Valentine a new sports bra she can actually use while rock-climbing or jogging with you.


Go Ice Skating

Do something together that takes you outside of your comfort zone, such as ice skating or if you live in the southern states, try skydiving. Novelty is good for spicing things up for couples. There are some great Valentine’s day deals matching scarves to keep you fashionable warm while you skate around the rink or pond.


Have Karaoke Night

Karaoke night might seem like a terrifying experience if you are self-conscious about your lack of singing skills, but it is a great bonding experience. Make a platter of nachos and some DIY Margaritas and you have a fun evening planned.


Go Camping in Your Living Room

If your living room is big enough, transform it into your personal tent by hanging sheets and twinkling string lights, grab some cozy blankets and pillows and voila! Be sure to prepare some spiked hot chocolate or mulled wine for the occasion. A personal smore maker will make the evening perfect.


Take a “Trip” to Italy

Maybe you can’t take your significant other on a romantic, dream holiday at the moment but there is no reason why you can’t recreate one in the comfort of your own home. Prepare an Italian-date night themed dinner with the whole works. We recommend starting with music, with bruschetta, a simple pasta dish and salad and finished off with Tiramisu. Surprise your loved one with Valentine’s Day specials at with a trio of wines from Italy.


Explore a “Virtual” Museum

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your children, choose a more neutral activity such as an online virtual tour of the MET or Louvre. It will spark thoughtful conversation with all members of the family, especially if there are some yummy Valentine’s Day chocolates to munch on.


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