Biggest beauty and makeup trends

Since the appearance of social media and Pinterest, it has become easier than ever to discover the latest, hottest beauty trends for the year ahead. So if you want to get a head’s start on this year’s biggest beauty styles, then you need to see what we discovered.

We delved through Pinterest’s top 100 stats to find out exactly what will be trending this spring and summer. Here is everything you need to know from lilac hair, to bright bold lips to almond nails and just about everything else you need to know to look your best this season.

Lilac hair

In 2016, it was all about silver toned hair, but thankfully, 2019 has upgraded the look into a gorgeous lilac tone. Searches on Pinterest are up more than 1077% for lilac hair. So it is time to book an appointment at your hair stylist and update your look.

lilac hair

Embrace going grey

Pinterest shows searches for “going grey” are up by 879%, so if you have been waiting for the moment to embrace those white hairs, now is the time. Stop freaking out every time you find a new grey hair, grey hair is actually in fashion – so embrace it naturally!

grey hair

Be bold and be beautiful

Stand apart from the crowd with bold and beautiful lips. Last year was all about humdrum neutral lip tones and minimal makeup, but 2019 is about being bold and doing the unexpected. Pinterest searches for “bold lip color are up by 467%.

bold lips

Powder nails

Are you still hanging on to last year’s gel nail kick? Get prepared to switch up your routine for something a little less harsh and damaging and check out powder dipping. Powder dipping is often called SNS and lasts twice as long as gel nails. Searches on Pinterest are up almost 500%, so you better book an appointment today!

Powder nails

Witch hazel

Searches on Pinterest are up by 305% for a natural solution for witch hazel, which vanishes dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles on our skin. Plus, it will give your skin a radiant natural glow. Witch hazel has been around for centuries as a natural skincare treatment that has just got easier to use.

witch hazel

Almond shaped nails

Yes, we know there is literally dozens of different nail shapes, but the almond shaped nail will dominate this year. We can finally bid our farewells once and for all to the impractical and ugly coffin nail.


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Makeup gloss

We all love our lip-gloss, but now we can use glossy makeup whenever we want. The days of matte and neutral tones are finally gone. Extend that beautiful glow from your lips to your face and eyes. Glossy makeup searches are up by 97%.

makeup gloss

Cropped bangs

2019 is all about highlighting one of your best features – your eyes. Cropped bangs are all the rage this year. If you need a little inspiration check out Bella Hadid’s bangs and get the look you want. Searches for cropped bangs on Pinterest are almost up 50%.

bropped bangs

Give yourself a natural life

After it came to light how animals were being tortured to make our fake eyelash extensions, more and more women began to look for a more natural humane solution. Hacks for natural eyelash lifts such as grape seed oil and aloe vera are up by 52%.


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