Celebrities who love to wear pantyhose

A couple of years ago, pantyhose were considered to be out-dated and old-fashioned. But, recently, thanks to several celebrity sighted wearing pantyhose, they are making a comeback. No matter what you call them hosiery, stockings, nylons or pantyhose this is a trend that you need to have on your fashion radar.

Pantyhose are this year’s biggest trend as it can add a splash of texture, color and pattern into your everyday style. Celebrities have made it their personal mission to prove that hosiery isn’t only for special occasions or the colder months but it is a must-have for the entire year!

Pantyhose had never really gone out of style and has been considered to be a classic staple accessory for every women’s closet. But recently we have seen a switch up from the basic nude hosiery to trendy prints and patterns. Check out some of the hottest stocking trends that you need to incorporate into your wardrobe immediately.

Trendy patterns

In the past patterned stocking were bulky and thick, making them more suitable for the colder months. But this years styles feel as sleek on your skin as a traditional pantyhose, adding a splash of texture and personality to even the most conservative outfit.

Strut your stuff like Kate Middleton with a pair of argyle thigh high tights.

Kate Middleton pantyhose style

Kate Middleton with pantyhose

Perky polka dots

Even though fishnets panties are still a must-have for every girl, polka dots are this year’s most chic look. Look for pantyhose with tiny black polka dots with either a sheer black or beige background to keep things stylish.

Emma Roberts shows off her girly side with a pair of beaded polka dotted tights.

Emma Roberts pantyhose style

Emma Roberts with pantyhose

A splash of color

Try matching the shade of your stockings to your outfit to quickly pull your look together. By wearing one-toned hosiery, it will help you look slimmer and taller, always a bonus. Now is your chance to show the world your love for color, without looking tacky.

Julianne Moore shows us have to match our tones with navy colored hose.

Pantyhose style Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore with pantyhose

Lace style

Tone down your tailored look by giving it a personalized lace treatment with a pair of lacy hosiery. Just as with fishnet pantyhose, you have to correctly combine this look to avoid looking scraggy and shoddy. Lacy pantyhose look best with more neutral tones and tailored ensembles, giving you a more polished look.


Even though we have already mentioned using colored tights this year, rouge requires its own category. Look for all shades of red that can easily be combined with your rouge clothing or to step up your black, white or grey outfits.

Taylor Swift looks her best with her rouge stockings, showing us how to combine colors with flare.

Taylor Swift hosiery

Taylor Swift with pantyhose


Fishnet tights got a bad rap during the 90’s but in the last few years have been making a comeback. The key to pulling off this look without coming across as slutty is pairing them with tailored pieces and ensembles.

Jessica Stam looks fantastic with her fishnet panties and cute black booties. A must have look for every girl this year.

Jessica Stam fishnet tights

Jessica Stam with pantyhose

Sheer blacks

A classic accessory that will never go out of style and a must have for every girl’s wardrobe. Giving your legs an instant pick-me up. Leaving you looking slimmer and taller.

Selena Gomez embraces this year’s mod trend with a simple form fitting dress and sheer black tights.

Selena Gomez dress and black tights

Selena with pantyhose

Bare your legs

One of the hottest trends this year that has taken the fashion industry by storm is wearing stockings as trousers. This look is not for the faint at heart, and often loved by those who are not shy about showing the world their curves.

If you are daring enough to try this look, make sure you are wearing stylish undergarments to finish off the look. Plus, make sure you have an extra pair in your clutch in case the one you are wearing tears.

Kim Kardashian wearing a pair of sheer black panties with a matching black thong underneath.

Kim Kardashian black panties

Kim Kardashian with pantyhose

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