Cleaning make-up brushes: Key to your skin’s health


We use make-up brushes (almost) every day to achieve a perfect finish, mix them with different products and still forget to take care of them.

Brushes come into contact with the skin every day, so cleaning and using them properly helps prevent skin problems such as irritation, breakouts or infection. In addition, it also extends its useful life, so that it avoids us having to renew them frequently.

Here are a few recommendations on how to care for them, how often to wash them and which products to choose to prevent your skin from suffering.

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Although it is always advisable to wash them according to the type of hair (natural or synthetic), these two forms are suitable for both, and 2 quick and suitable for both.

Cleaning 1.

  • In the sink, place the bristles of the brush under water, making sure they are warm. Make sure that the bristles point downwards and prevent water from entering the handle so that the glue that binds the bristles is not damaged.
  • Use a neutral soap and place a small amount of it in the palm of your hand.
  • Take the wet brush and start rubbing it against your hand. At first you will notice that the color is not clear, continue to make circular movements until the soap is clear. Repeat this step if necessary.
  • Rinse again with warm water while reshaping the bristles.
  • Let the brushes dry horizontally on a damp towel or paper. Make sure they don’t take an inappropriate form. You can also hang them upside down.

Cleaning 2.

If you want the process to be very fast, there are brands that have created specific cleaners for brushes. These are in the form of a spray that, once sprayed on the brush after use, sterilizes and disinfects.

Once cleaned, your brushes will feel as good as new, softer and, most importantly, free of dirt and bacteria that can spread to your skin.

How often do you clean the brushes?

Everything will depend on how much makeup you put on. If you use the brushes a lot, you can use them once a week. Otherwise, wash them twice a month.

Having healthy, young and luminous skin is a mixture of several procedures: nutrition, lifestyle, product maintenance, creams and treatments.

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