How to dye your virgin hair like a pro

Some of us love fashion and beauty but when it comes to the hair department, we are not willing to take too many risks. Maybe it is because we like to keep our hair maintenance low key or just feel uneasy about trying out new products. That could be why changing your hair color is too big of a commitment.

Besides experimenting with pink hair in high school, your hair is in its pure virgin form, just the same boring old hair color you were born with. But with summer quickly approaching, it is time to jazz up your look from drab and boring to something new and updated.

virgin hair

One of the biggest fears when dying your hair is that it won’t look natural or suit your skin color. So we asked some of the biggest celebrity colorists for their suggestions and amateur friendly-advice for maintaining your newly dyed hair.

1. Keep an open mind

You might have a certain style of technique in mind or a certain color. But your colorist is a professional and knows what technique, style and color is best suited for your hair texture. For example, maybe you want to get a new technique called “balayage” that looks very natural for how it is painted on to your hair, but if your have curly or weak hair, it will look horrible.

2. Think beyond texture

Hair dye reacts best to virgin hair as it hasn’t be fussed previously with harsh chemicals or hair dyes. Un-dyed hair will almost always give you the results you are looking for, and most colorists are thrilled at the thought of dying “virgin hair.” If you have dark hair, it is relatively easier to go lighter than if you already have residue hair dye on your hair.

3. Share a picture

There is a huge difference between hearing and seeing. Take in two or three different pictures of the style you are looking for and let them decide whether it is suitable for your hair type and face. Plus, colorists say it hard to execute the image we have in our mind by solely listening to our description.

4. Allow it to fade naturally

New jeans are never as comfortable as when you have worn them after a few weeks. The same goes for your newly dyed hair, good color improves with time. It will blend into your hair and look more natural each day. Just as your jeans get that worn in look after a few washes. Relax and enjoy all the different stages of your hair dye.

5. Do you have time for high maintenance?

Some coloring jobs will require more frequent trips to the hair salon for root touch-ups such as dark brown hair that was dyed platinum blonde. If you avoid hair salons now, it will be almost impossible to maintain this drastic change, so it would be better to go for a more subtle color change at first.

6. Don’t feel pressured

We know it can feel intimidating to sit down in the big, confining salon chair and hand someone complete control of your future hair color. Some stylists can get very excited to see a head of virgin hair and the unlimited possibilities for experimenting with your hair. But if you feel that they are not listening to you or pressuring you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with, just get up and leave.

Source: Elle

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