How to wear a bodysuit

What is a body suit exactly? It is often confused with being a one-piece bathing suit, a girdle or a leotard. But while it is similar to each one in the since it covers your whole torso and fastens at your crotch. It is like a tight T-shirt that perfectly tucks into whatever you are wearing.


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But can real women pull off this and make it work or is it only for super thin models who work for Vogue? Well, we put this new sexy trend to the test with real women that have busy lives and here are the results.

The verdict is: everyone can wear a body suit and pull off that look. The key lies with how you style your bodysuit.

Keep it simple

Simplicity is one of the main rules in fashion and that stands true with using a body suit. Wear a plain colored body suit such as white or black with skinny jeans, heels and some gold jewelry to step your look up a notch. This looks great on all body types.

Keep it casual

This is a good look for shopping or just grabbing a cup of coffee with a good friend. Swap up your heels for some flats and add a long sweater, leaving you looking fantastic and sleek.

Keep it professional

If you have an unexpected business meeting or meeting a client at a posh restaurant, just throw on a chic blazer and a pair of heels. This looks professional even if you are wearing skinny jeans with it, because you look so put together with a bodysuit.

Keep it flowing

Some days we just feel like wearing a shirt but tucking a shirt into a maxi skirt can look bunched up and feels uncomfortable and looks awkward. The body suit is the perfect alternative, as it doesn’t need to be tucked in. You can wear the same color as your maxi skirt to make it look like a dress or mix it up by using different shades. To upscale your look, you can wear a belt.

Keep it modest

If you don’t feel comfortable baring your arms, opt for a short-sleeved body suit and pair it with your favorite jeans and some comfortable shoes. This is a super versatile outfit good for all body types.

Keep it sexy

If you are looking for a sexier look, try using a bodysuit that has strategic cutouts or try a lace-up bodysuit. Dress the look down by throwing on mom jeans or dress it up with either with a skirt and heels.

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Bodysuits are the new sexy trend that is here to stay. There is no reason to be afraid or intimidated by them as they are extremely versatile and can be added to your wardrobe easily.

Bodysuits are ideal for layering as they are quickly tucked in without any annoying bunching. No matter what you pair your bodysuit with; you will look sexier and put together. Don’t delay in following this fashion trend, as it will become one of your favorite go to pieces in looking up to date.

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