How to wear a thong body shaper

thong body shaper

Even though the thong body shaper is one of the most popular undergarments this year, there are still quite a few women who are still hesitant to try out this marvelous piece of underwear. Why?

Some of have heard horror stories about how uncomfortable shapewear and thongs can be. Once your find one in your correct size, you will be pleasantly surprised how comfortable this tummy shaper thong can be. You just need to know how to wear one properly.

Here is the breakdown about how to wear this wondrous, smoothing thong:

Choose the right size
One of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying any type of shapewear or lingerie is by ordering a size smaller than they really are. Shapewear and underwear are designed to sit on your skin as a second skin, if it is too small, it will be uncomfortable.

Put it on correctly
Take time to examine which are the waist and leg holes, they tend to look similar, making it easy to put your thong body shaper on backwards, sideways or even upside down, if you’re not careful.

How to put on your thong body shaper:

  1. Once you have identified where everything should go, place the underwear in front of you with the thong facing you. Put one leg through then follow with the other.
  2. Pull the thong into place and snugly fit the tummy control panel along your tummy.
  3. Adjust the thin string along the back of the underwear to sit evenly between your butt cheeks. Adjust at the front until it sits perfectly.

Benefits of wearing a thong body shaper

The tummy-shaping thong will be your favorite little secret, as those visible panty lines vanish and it enhances your every curve. The tummy-control panels will flatten that little tummy bulge, giving you a sexy appearance that you might just come addicted to.

With this year’s long list of ultra feminine garments to choose from, such as the high waist pencil skirt, high-rise pants and tailor boy-shorts. All screaming out for a perky booty, zero panty lines, and the body-shaping thong can perfect your look.

The body shaper softy controls your tummy, waist and backside while the thong bottom allows your rear to look naturally perky. Say hello to a sexier you today in this wonder-wear!

Look sleek and slim under even the tiniest, tightest bodycon dress, keeping you VPL-Free. We are positive that the thong body shaper will become your favorite undergarment in your closet.

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