Life-Changing makeup hacks that you need to know


We went backstage during Fashion Week in New York to compile a list of tips from the top runway makeup artists. They know how to maximize your looks within seconds. Here are some makeup hacks to have you looking runway perfect within minutes.

#1 Effortless smoky eye

Line your eyes with a thick kohl liner. Then rub the liner with your fingertips, messily smudging it. Use a cotton swab dipped in moisturizer to clean off the residue. Add a subtle sheen to rock the look.

#2 No-makeup look for light eyelashes

Using liquid eyeliner to give your lighter colored lashes a no makeup look without looking washed out. Using your dark eyeliner, make windshield wiper-like motions, by holding the liner vertically and color your lashes from the root to the tips.

#3 Make your eyes pop

Using white eyeliner, paint your eyelid to make sheer or less pigmented eye shadow pop. Run the white eyeliner over your entire lid then apply the eye shadow. The white consistency will intensify any eye shadow color.

#4 Perfect cat eye

Draw your cat eye at the edge of your eye first, using a thin, black. liquid liner. Then, line above the eye the line for liner. Finally fill in the space connecting to the cat eye. Repeat from the other eye.

#5 How to fix flaky mascara

Mascara should only be used for three months because it can collect harmful bacteria and cause eye infections. But sometimes, our mascara can dry up into a flaky mess. If it dries up, add a few drops of saline (eye drops) solution to dilute it.

#6 Curl your lashes

Heat up your eyelash curler with your hair dryer so your lashes will curl faster and stay curled longer. It is basically the same concept as heat curling your hair. Hit your eyelash curler with high heat from your hair dryer, let cool slightly till warm but not hot (you don’t want to burn them) and then clamp down on your eyelashes to curl.

#7 Fake eyelashes

If you have ever-applied fake eyelashes, then you know how time consuming it can be to apply the glue. A quick fix is using the tip of a bobby pin to disperse the glue along the fake eyelash. Wait a few seconds until the glue is tacky and apply!

#8 Long-lasting lip color

This might seem like an unnecessary process but it is worth every second, as it will set your lipstick. For long-lasting, vibrant lip color, first swipe on your lipstick and then lay a tissue over it and dust with a translucent powder to set the lipstick.

#9 Make your own, personalized lip-gloss

Have any leftover eye shadow pigments that you love and wish you could get a lip-gloss that is the same shade? Well, you can! Just blend it up with a little bit of petroleum jelly in a spoon and then paint your lips. Simply beautifully!

#10 Perfect Cupid’s bow

Making a perfect Cupid’s bow couldn’t be simpler. Take your lip liner and draw an X right at your Cupid’s bow, then swipe on your lipstick as you would normally. Just make sure you use the same color lip liner as the lipstick you plan to use, otherwise everyone will see a gigantic X under your lipstick.

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