This is how the plus size model Ashley Graham looks like in a bathing suit without Photoshop

Ashley Graham swimwear

2018 started out very well for Ashley Graham. The plus-size model, who has fought to make the fashion and beauty industry more inclusive and allow girls of her stature to build a career in the competitive world of modeling, not only signed one of the most important contracts of her career and along with actress Gal Gadot and other models became the new global ambassador for Revlon’s Live Boldly campaign, but also just launched her new swimwear collection. It is precisely the campaign for this new line of swimwear that is on everyone’s lips right now and you won’t believe why.

The model has been designing swimsuits for the Swimsuits for All brand and for the campaign of this new collection she decided to do something a little out of the ordinary. It turns out that Graham chose not to retouch the photos and to show his body as it is. Best of all, the photos were actually taken by some paparazzi who were near the location where the model was doing the photo shoot.

“Presenting my latest campaign for the Swimsuits for All collection. We decided to use unretouched photos made by the paparazzi,” she wrote in a photo she posted on her Instagram page. “Reminder: Being authentic is beautiful.”

The idea of the Power of Paparazzi campaign focuses on the idea that photographers want to show people’s imperfections by taking pictures at bad angles or publishing pictures that are not favorable, and in her case she decided to accept them and take advantage of them.

“This campaign is different from others I’ve worked on in my career,” Graham said in a statement. “I hope these images help people to be happy in their own skin and enjoy living in the moment no matter who is watching them.

Although you can see Ashley’s cellulite and other small imperfections in the photos, you can’t deny that she is incredibly beautiful and the photos from this campaign show it. Plus, the swimsuits are spectacular and you can tell they’re perfect for any size – what do you think of their boldness?

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