Looking for shaping shorts? This is my experience and recommendations

A thin waist, a flat stomach and firm buttocks is the type of silhouette we all dream of. If nature did not offer it to us, thankfully, the new slimming lingerie (shaping shorts for example) available in different stores and brands now come to our rescue.

What shaping shorts should I buy?

I have a big complex: the belly. My stomach I admit, I do not find it very harmonious. Especially after my successive maternities. I have always been lazy at the idea of ​​putting myself on a diet, even if you have to admit that wearing a tight garment and having a belly that goes beyond, is not really very sexy. Since I am still afraid someone will ask me if I am pregnant, I tried to remedy that by getting a shaping shorts.

In addition, I wanted a more “beautiful skin”. These pants seemed ideal to come in support of my jogging sessions and my application of anti-cellulite creams at the buttocks and thighs. In summary, I dreamed of having a smoother skin but I do not have time to do other care.

The truth is that there are many options available, many sizes and desings.

Best Shaping Shorts Brands to Buy Online




Hourglass Angel












Bare Necessities
























Nancy Ganz


How does it feel to use them?

I was pleasantly surprised because despite its size, I almost forget that I was wearing it. I felt almost the same sensations with the jerseys: it flattens the shapes, it draws a beautiful silhouette without causing any discomfort.

The first time I wore it, I felt slightly squeezed but it only lasted a few minutes. I put it to play sports and it did not bother me in my movements. Then, I wore it under a dress and there, the immediate gaining effect was really pretty. A tight belly and hips, finer in appearance. In addition, its color made it completely invisible. The skin is slightly softer in the evening, at the level of the areas covered by the pants.

The shape is rather suitable, reminding of a little panties of the 50s which are very high waisted (almost under the chest) and the material is nice too. The belly and the hips are well sheathed. Under a skirt, it is the ideal: no demarcations and no more visible bead.

Wearing the pants encourages you to focus on your posture: automatically, you stand up straight and contract your abs. I will recommend it under a fitted dress or a straight skirt, for the frametime of an evening. The high waisted shaper is perfect for sports sessions. If you want to use it all day long, it fits very well on the thighs. It does not tend to come down on your stomach, or wrap like some other high waisted shapers. Moreover, the belt effect under the chest, just above the stomach, is not very pleasant over a period of several hours.

Nevertheless, very quickly, after a few uses, a feeling of smooth and toned skin is noticeable to the touch. Accompanied by regular physical exercises over several weeks, the skin is firmer and the thighs look better sculpted.

What are the disadvantages of shaping shorts?

First, I must say that when I remove the short, for several minutes, I have the hallmarks of honeycomb knitting which is not very sexy. This is certainly due to synthetic materials which I personally don’t like. Today, I wear only cotton. It is very high waisted, reaching under the breast, is not common. So you have to get used to it.
I found it also slightly tight at the crotch. I also had a little trouble finding my size. The size XL was too tight at the belly and I had to remove it after 3 hours, because too uncomfortable. The size above was more adjusted but slightly too big at the belly.

To optimize its effect and eliminate cellulite in depth (we are supposed to lose up to 2 cm waist in one month and reduce the effect of orange peel), this shaping shorts should be worn every day for 30 days. This is a constraint that I had no difficulty filling, since the shaping shorts has a quick drying that allows you to use it for several days in a row by washing it every night.

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