Why do we like lingerie?


There are several answers: We dress to protect our bodies from the cold, out of modesty and because we want to beautify ourselves. Fashion is a social thing. Clothes, in addition to protecting us, identify us, express part of our personality and present us to others as we want them to see us.


I’ve always found lingerie interesting because it’s the clothes that remain hidden, even from oneself, most of the time. They are clothes that we see in the morning when we get dressed, at night when we get undressed and little else. For the rest of the day, she’s hiding. Like a secret. Like something only you know.

Form of expression

Some women like lace, sexy colors and transparencies. Others prefer the most comfortable models for everyday use and do not attach as much importance to design. Simple outfits, flowers, Hello Kitty prints…. our style is transferred to our underwear and we choose those models more in line with our personality.

It cheers you up

The underwear we wear every morning is a statement of intent. It is a decision, often unconscious, that dictates the attitude we will have towards the day. In the same way that it is not the same as wearing a skirt or trousers, let’s paint our lips red or go outside with our faces washed.


It is just as important, in order to gain confidence, what we carry on the outside as what we carry on the inside. We choose our underwear according to how we expect our day to be. It’s inevitably related to the rest of what we’re carrying. Maybe we love that lace bra, but we know it’s transparent with the shirt we want to wear, so do we change the shirt or the bra? We’ll see about that.

Safety and security

When it comes to taking underwear into account with the outside, the shaping function of underwear should not be overlooked. A good bra can achieve incredible results. There are certain necklines that many would not have dared to wear if push-ups did not exist. A piece that has removed useless complexes from many women by creating more powerful necklines. The panties and girdles of a lifetime hide what would otherwise be irrepressible behind that tight dress. These are garments that we could do without, but we want to keep wearing them.

Why do I like lingerie? Because of all the above reasons. But above all, for the security and confidence, it brings. And that’s the most powerful beauty trick any woman can do.

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