Beauty tips for women over 40 to look younger

Do you need a quick fix to help you turn back the clock? Our skincare and makeup routine was pretty basic when we were in our 20’s and 30’s, all we had to worry about was putting on sunscreen and getting enough sleep and eating semi-healthy.

But now in our 40’s, even applying foundation can be a challenge because if applied wrong, it accentuates those fine lines instead of concealing them. Aging gracefully depends on following a beauty regime and learning to love yourself and your ever-changing appearance.

Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be daunting; all you need to know are some simple secrets to keep it looking youthful and beautiful. Here are some simple beauty tips for all skin tips for women over forty.

beauty over 40


Exfoliation removes dead skin and other debris that can leave your skin looking opaque and tired. Choose an exfoliating scrub that is suited for your skin type, for example, if you have dry skin look for a creamy exfoliate that will moisturize your skin and for oily skin, look for one that is gel based.


We cannot stress the importance of moisturizing your skin. As we age, our oil glands in our face start becoming more lethargic producing less oil and leaving our skin drier. Make sure to use a good quality face cream every morning and evening to keep your skin looking soft and youthful.

Once a week use a facemask

Really, who needs an excuse to use a facemask? Make sure to use a good quality deep hydrating mask. If you are tight on cash, try making a homemade mask with common ingredients you have in your house.

Use a good quality eye cream

Your eyes show the world your age, thanks to those fine lines and wrinkles. This is one product that you should splurge on and get a god quality under eye cream that can nourish your skin and prevent puffiness.

Make sure your makeup is age appropriate

Just like our clothes, our makeup can look tacky it it is not age appropriate. Applying your makeup correctly can take years off of your face instantly. Opt for more neutral tones and colors and avoid all of the glitter and shimmery shades that you used to love. Plus, choose lighter lip colors and shy away from darker tints that might look harsh against your skin


We don’t mean hydrate with carbonated beverages or caffeine-ridden drinks but just good old-fashioned water.

Attitude is everything

Life can get us down and take a toll on our body but if you maintain a positive outlook on life, it will show on your face. Beauty is within, if you feel old, then you will look old. Let you inner beauty shine through with your love of life and for others.

If you still need some more helpful hints on how to look your best even after a stressful day dealing with your teenagers, then check out this YouTube Video and see how this 48 yr. old steps it up a notch to look her best.

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