Healthy habits for eating, exercise and social life

Health is defined as a “state of total physical, mental and social well-being”. This means more than leading a healthy life. It refers to a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of our life such as our eating and exercise habits and our work, caring for the environment and our social life.

healthy habits

What are they and what are they good for? How can we have them?

– Habits are often mentioned in these modern times and many times we are unable to identify what actually is a habit, even though we might already have them.

Changing habits can be very difficult. As they are common practices that we do as people. We all have habits. They are part of our daily routines.

– Having healthy habits will help keep us younger, healthier and in better shape no matter how old we are.

– Having a healthy life doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have a better life.

– If we are able to introduce positive changes into our lifestyle, even if they seem tiny to us, they will provide huge benefits to our physical and mental health.

– We should try to incorporate healthy habits in our children when they are very young. Our children observe everything we do, so teach by example.

As for a healthy diet, it is recommended to consult with a nutritionist. They can advise us as to the correct nutritional requirements we need daily and foods that we should include in our diet.

Currently, it is highly recommended to avoid flours, sugar and soft drinks. Fast food and frozen meals are not ideal. It is suggested to eat more fruits and vegetables, fresh fruit juices, green smoothies, seeds, dried fruits, fish and other organic products.

We need to take into account that the amount of food and how the food has been prepared will determine if it is healthy or not. Also, just because we eat one healthy meal doesn’t mean that it has become a habit.

Physical exercise is essential in our day-to-day life, because it allows us breath in more oxygen, distracts us from life, reactivates our body and helps to prevent illness caused by being overweight, obese and having a sedentary lifestyle. It is worrisome to see the little physical activity most children, adults and elderly are doing these days. This is the best time to become more aware and to do more physical activity.

In our work place, we need to try and create a healthy work environment. Encourage good personal relations with your workmates, as you spend the majority of your day with them. If possible have a plant on your desk, try to receive natural light on your desk and keep your area clean and fresh.

Try to care for the environment; by avoiding wasting water, you can do that by avoiding leaving the tap open when you aren’t using it. Avoid using aerosols that contaminate the air, air that we breathe in during the day. Try to recycle your garbage by separating your plastics from paper products. All of these things can become part of our daily routine. Over time, they will turn into a household habit.

Last but not least, our social life, we need to be aware of the benefits of socializing with others, by going out, organizing gatherings, sharing enjoyable moments with friends and family. All of these activities help to form part of a healthy lifestyle. Avoid allowing tiredness to turn your life into a boring monotone one.

It is possible to have a healthy lifestyle; all you have to do is want it. Come on what are you waiting for!

Evaluate the thousands of personal benefits that you will obtain from improving your life. Repeating things, time after time creates habits, until it becomes to be an automatic action. To make healthy habits, you just need consistency, motivations and will power.

It is worth the effort to have a healthy life with good habits.

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