How to avoid stress: easy tricks

How to Avoid Stress

Stress is a bad counselor and a worse ally. To submerge ourselves in its waters can be very dangerous, since it will affect us not only in the daily life, but also in the alimentary processes. Sometimes you don’t need to lose weight but eat less, or at least eat it in a way that our body feels that it has eaten and doesn’t ask us to eat more than necessary. That is why we must:

  • Take our time for meals. Follow the ritual: sit down, eat slowly and, if possible, talk to someone during those moments.
  • We have to enjoy what we eat. Let’s remember that when we eat we must also do it by the eyes -enjoying the beauty of the silver- and by the nose -capturing all its aromas and fragrances.
  • We must prevent food from becoming a forum for the problems of work, partner or family, as this will only increase tension and hinder the dietary process.

Stress can also cause us to radically change our activities and leave aside walks, outings or even the practice of some sport that will always be good for us to keep us healthy and fit, in addition to getting to be more important for this reason we will proceed in this way:

We’ll give each other at least one afternoon a week to do or as we please. Walk, go to the movies, read, listen to music or simplify you stay on the couch and do nothing. That will be our personal space where phones must be disconnected.

We will get in touch with nature and the sun, and we will take advantage of the warm days to sit on a bench and enjoy fifteen minutes of sunshine, simply to “see life go by”, without having to do anything else.

When walking along the streets we will do it for those that have trees or are near landscaped areas. From time to time we will enter a florist shop, simply to give us sight and smell. Activities like these will calm us down and ease tensions.

Stress fighting isn’t always about staying put. On the contrary, let us remember that a little activity, as long as it is ordered, will be positive. It will be appropriate to plan different outings and devise alternative plans to avoid the routine. They will be practices that will entertain us during its elaboration and strengthen relationships with the closest people.

Besides all that:

A schedule of activities will be established and should be maintained wherever possible. Distracting ourselves will keep us from falling into the easy temptation of sitting on the couch, boring and eating anything.

We will do our best to follow a regular schedule in all major activities, such as getting up or going to bed at the same time each day. We will apply this regularity to breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

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