Is it recommendable to have a bath everyday?

Most likely, the majority of those reading this article probably have a bath at least once a day. There is nothing wrong with having a bath once a day; the problem is not bathing but using soap. This article will explain a little more on this question.


Maybe you have heard about cutaneous microbial? This is layer of bacteria that is present on our skin, but it is considered to be beneficial bacteria for our skin. But upon removing them from our skin, we leave our skin exposed for harmful bacteria.

The majority of us enjoys having a bath, as it helps us to unwind and washes away any smelly odors and protects us from infections. But in answering the question- if we should wash ourselves with soap each day?- the answer is no, for most people.

There are scientific studies based on the composition of the human skin and the different microbes that reside on it. The research concluded by giving us some advice, as the human body is capable to blocking out harmful substances by our skin, even if our skin is covered with bacteria, fungus, virus and arthropods. All of these make up the microbial on our skin.

The majority of the researchers affirmed that these microbes are inoffensive, but their interaction with external microbes could possibly contaminate our body. These external bacteria can enter our body by using our hands to rub our eyes or to eat something.

Washing your hands with soapy water is the key, as soap is capable of eliminating dirt and bacteria but washing your entire body is an entirely different matter. We have sweat glands and different products that we can use to keep our skin hydrated. But it is necessary to keep these balanced, as the bacteria can cause the sweat to break down and leave us smelly stinky. If our skin is very dirty, the dead cells and pores will become clogged and will need to be washed away with soap. But frequently washing our skin with soap can destroy these good microbes, causing our skin to become dried out and agitating our external layer of skin allowing harmful microbes to penetrate our skin.

For this reason many dermatologists recommend not bathing with soap daily and consider it be unnecessary, unless you suffer from a rare skin condition that causes you to sweat excessively or you exercise daily. Ideally, you should wash yourself every second day, as this will help to keep your microbe layer intact on your skin.

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