1970’s fashion trends that are making a huge comeback

1970 fashion trends

Recently it seems that everything that is old is suddenly new again. If you take a glance at the most popular fashion trends on Amazon, you will think you are taking a step back in the future.

Fashion designers are getting their groove on with chokers and wide-leg pants by embracing the wild era of disco and revolutions. Below, you can check out some of the hottest retro trends that will be in style this summer, fall and winter and what pieces you need to include in your wardrobe.


We know you have secretly been hoping for years that this fashion trend would return and now you can rejoice because they are back with a flare. Bell-bottoms are extremely comfortable and look fantastic on everybody.

Bell sleeves

Wondering what to wear with your new favorite pant style? Why not pair them with a top with bell sleeves and be the belle of the ball. Expect to see an updated version of this feminine blouse with silky, flowered fabrics. Nothing screams the 70’s more than bell sleeves with flowers and patchwork!

Bra tops

If you thought Jane Fonda’s bra tops are a thing of the past, you are in for a surprise. Instagram is exploding with posts of celebrities and models alike wearing 70’s inspired bra tops. You will definitely want to pull off this new style this summer.


Ok, we admit that clogs will never really go out of style, but this year they are dominating the shoe fashion scene. Maybe it is because they look so chic and feel so comfortable on. Plus they are extremely versatile and match almost everything you wear.


Crochet is just about everywhere this year and it does not look like anything your grandmother made. You can find crochet in all of your fave stores and styles. But since it is kind of on the see-though side, you are going to get creative with the style of undergarments you wear under it.

Denim Dresses

Everyone who was anybody in the 70’s has a denim dress. So if you want to look like you are in tune with this year’s hottest fashion trends then you need to get a denim dress. The best part is you can wear your denim dress all year long by choosing the correct accessories.

Long sleeve dresses

The 70’s were all about sensuality with long sleeve dresses and deep plunging necklines. This was every girl’s go-to dress or top and for due reason. It looks so sexy and elegant. Find the Greek Goddess that you have hiding inside of you this year.

Maxi Dress

How can you not love this breeze-catching maxi dress? There is reason that this dress keeps coming back! This is one of the most flattering and comfortable dresses that any woman can own.

Gladiator Sandals

When a 70’s gal wasn’t wearing clogs, she was wearing her second favorite shoe style – the gladiator sandal. But this year’s style has been taking things a little more extreme by lacing them up all the way up to your knee.

Long Satin Slips

The height of glamour in the 70’s was wearing a slinky satin gown with a feathered clutch or boa. This style made a brief reappearance in the early 90’s but we are praying that it sticks around longer this time. Trust us you will love this style!

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